A downloadable game for Windows

My first game, initially released on Rpgmakernet in August 2017.

It's nothing too crazy, but maybe someone will get some fun out of it. I'm still somewhat proud of the art.

I would recommend checking out my other work instead, I am simply moving it to itch to have all of my games on one website.

Please excuse the dated memes and the awful writing.

Also bear in mind that a certain secret character in the game makes some very offensive jokes. These were originally meant to get the player to hate him (which works well), but I wouldn't put that kind of language in one of my games anymore since it would be susceptible to upset some. I removed the most upsetting example of it, but the rest is intact for your... enjoyment?

EDIT: A kind soul translated the game into Russian, you can check it out here: https://anivisual.net/stuff/7-1-0-2137

Release date Aug 02, 2017
AuthorJune Flower
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, blue, eye, eyes, RPG Maker, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly

Install instructions

Unzip, execute RPG_RT.exe


Blue Memories.zip 78 MB


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Hi June! I have a slight problem. Whenever I try to run RPG_RT.exe, I get an error message saying "Cannot open System2C file" Do you know what the problem is and/or how to fix it? Thanks!

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I tried moving systemblue.png from the System folder to the System2 folder, and now it says "Cannot open systemblue file" so I guess I did something, but the game still isn't running. Here's what I get whenever I try to run the game:

EDIT: I've fixed that, but now it says "Cannot open Vehicles file"

try dumping the content of the "rtp" folder into the main folder! It's a common bug that's been making me tear my hair out for a while... hope it helps, thank you for playing


That worked! Thank you!!


Here's the video I made.


Hello! I translated your game into Russian. I hope you don't mind.

Oh, that's very nice of you! Thanks!


No, thanks you!


That's it, translating of a game was made. If you are interested to see the translation, here is the link: https://anivisual.net/stuff/7-1-0-2137.

Ah, cool! I don't speak a word of Russian so I can't really check it out but I'll add it to the main page.


Wow, that is so cute! Thanks a lot!