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Gunkprotocol is a small top-down exploration game I made to learn Godot
Turns out I despise programming so much that I honestly might not use that knowledge ever again, but at least something came out of it

Primordial waters laced with microplastics
Red metal spires cage the holy soil forevermore
Anger festers under the mud mounds, deep below the ground
A signal runs through the smoke-filled orbit, all the way from Ceres straight to old coughing Earth
A data delivery blobot moves its joint for the first time in centuries

Everything by June Flower except for...
Collision code help by NarfNRA
Some testing by John Thyer and Millie 'Bjorknfork' Milliemillie

The password to the bonus folder is hidden in the game. Can you find it?

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorJune Flower
TagsAtmospheric, Exploration, gunklike, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Top-Down, Walking simulator


Gunkprotocol v1.1.zip 39 MB


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This was exceedingly fun! I loved walking through the city, even though it was a bit slow because my poor fingers couldn't mush any harder; I loved the grid-like, extra-detailed art; and the password-protected secret folder made the whole game feel rewarding.

Would love to see more games like this! (Although, I guess not if making them is such a bad experience. :)


thanks for playing! my next game will be an action game but i'd love to make more games like this in the future (either if i find a programmer or feel like giving it another shot)


Thanks for sharing!

I like the art quite a bit, those saturated tiles hit the spot.
Found all landmarks in the reverse order, and only by chance found the terminal by randomly walking on its specific tile, I couldn't make it out from the environment. If there was an auto-walk feature, I missed it, so I was forced to pace myself playing because of my poor wrists :')



Great graphical style! Really enjoyed the mood and feel of this one - there's something Lovecraftian about it. Wish I could run in fullscreen, I had a hard time finding stuff because it was so small.

Ooh, this looks fab. Does using Godot mean mobile/web versions would be (relatively) trivial to release?


I wouldnt count on that sorry


Fair enough, it didn't sound as though your Godot programming experience was very positive but I thought I might as well ask.

is there any way to enlarge the window? I cant see anything


left or right on the title screen


I really love this graphical style so much, it has everything amazing in pixel art :o

Only complaint would be having to mash keys to advance, but that is also something I was guilty of in one of my other recent games so I can't criticize X)

I must go now, my tiamat needs me.


this was very cool!! i love the password protected folder as a post-game reward, the goodies are so neat :) and of course all the art is fantastic, i loved the terminal animations, and the northeast quadrant my only complaint is that having to keep pressing the arrow keys to move ended up hurting my fingers a little bit, but it’s such a small game i don’t really mind


Thanks for the feedback Ada! <3