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LABYRINTH - Derelict Abyss is a top-down exploration game set in an ancient aetheral place with a mysterious past.

๐Ÿœ Explore rooms in any order you want without restrictions and enjoy detailed environments and haunting experimental music ๐Ÿœ

๐Ÿœ Find secret rooms on your own or use the in-game hint system ๐Ÿœ

๐Ÿœ Stumble upon new things organically through a carefully designed world ๐Ÿœ

๐Ÿœ Collect 12 relics, and talk to the spirit of those that used to be ๐Ÿœ

The game is free since I want everyone to be able to enjoy it, and can personally afford to do so for the time being. That said, I appreciate donations immensly and can promise you that they will go towards making future projects as fully realised as I possibly can. โ™กThank you!โ™ก

Soundtrack by June Flower,
Sean Leffler (https://ringularity.bandcamp.com/)
and bleep (https://soundcloud.com/bleepsmusic)

Get the album here (for free as well):


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It totally absorbed me, both the universe and the music

it's funny how it looks like a "simple" game but on the other hand it's deep, it takes you, it's quite fascinating I have to admit!

in addition it's  very dark and very cynical, the kind of universe that I like 

Really nice work even the music I was pleasantly surprised!


This is such a cool little world to wander around in. Really interesting sights and I really liked talking to all the creatures from the relics. Great job! :D



Thank you for the video!

really enjoyed it, but I can't find the room north of the large egg... 

there's a gradient on the ground that leads into the wall, it's in the room north of the egg aka the one with a teleporter, hope that helps!


Wow!  Totally engaging.  For a game with such simple gamepley,  I was really surprised to find myself totally hooked.  I loved the artwork most of all, each room was visually stunning in a different way.  Reading about each relic drew me in to the mystery.  I liked how it opened more questions than answers.


Excellent! This is the type of game I'm always looking for.


Haunting game. I loved the hand crafted felling of the enviroment. Because you can't interact with most things it forces the player to come up with their own meaning to things. The room with the flickering eye monitor was my favourite.


Very well done, I loved the experience from start to finish! Surprise at every turn, somewhat creepy but fascinating universe! Great job!


Wow, it is perfect, I enjoyed every second of it. Thanks June !

It's like food for the imagination, it's inpiring. The ending is suprising too !

I love your games and I look forward for the next one ^^

Thank you for the kind words! <3


Completely loved this, just a really great world to explore. The pacing and the storytelling are both super-on-point, and I love how it's a totally different kind of game from Remnants!


This has been so good, I love the artstyle and the subversion both in terms of genre and the hint system which is basically compulsotry but you are really sure only like the last two hints or something. Music plus graphics/artstyle are great, thanks for this!


Thank you for playing, and for the kind words! <3


That was really good! Really love your pixel art, nothing else out there quite like it. On one hand I kinda miss examining everything like in Remnants but on the other hand it makes me do a lot more interpreting of the environments myself, so it's interesting.


Thank you for playing, and for the feedback! making the environments non-interactible was definitely a tradeoff,  both have their merit. Maybe I should go somewhere in between for my next project... who knows

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Great game, although I was just aimlessly walking around it never felt boring. Plenty of creepy and unsettling environments to explore. Constantly felt on edge while playing, but nothing scary happened. The [deleted] fit really well with the feels of the game too.

Favourite bits were [deleted] and [deleted]!! Also when I just [deleted]. That was cool. 

I didn't actually know what to do after finding all the relics at first because I visited literally every room except the one that told you what to do with the relics. Anyway, great game and great artwork!

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Thank you for playing! Please don't reveal surprises though haha, I want them to remain secrets for most people -w-'


I censored it

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Thank you! <3

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My friend really enjoyed the game while I am not so sure: visuals are cool but  everything else is too abstract to my taste.


This game extremely rules I can't stop thinking about it...

Thank you so much!!


I've also done the deed


The deed is done.


ThE dEeD iS dOnE