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This game is beautiful, and pretty challenging in a few places. It's great--the atmosphere, the storytelling, the visuals, everything. 

Thank you! <3


I feel like 'horror' doesn't really sum up what I felt while I was playing this- I wasn't unsettled, and I didn't really feel like I should be. It was its own weird little world with some unsettling elements, but mostly I felt compassion. I felt emotionally connected to the relics despite not knowing much about them. I wasn't afraid of them or the world they inhabited- I was curious as to how it worked and what had happened. It's a lovely experience. It's a meaningful experience. I feel like I really did explore the relics of something great that had left a lot of chaos in its wake, and then it was time to pack up what was left and take them all home. Extremely refreshing. Thanks for letting us take this little journey for free. :)

thanks for playing! <3


i really like this game, it's like a yume nikki fangame but not really, it's hard to explain, each zone is amazing and the story weird, that's all i want from a game


thank you very much <3


you're welcome :)


great game! 

just one thing spotted - easyRPG seems unable to load the cutscene/movies, and i couldn't find the ending cutscene in the Movie folder as well.. but overall the game is awesome!


I loved this game, though it is difficult to describe. It's a challenging but fair, well, labyrinth - each screen is gorgeous but bizarre and often grim or disturbing. The story unfolds through both the environment but also clues from characters just as oddly compelling as the setting itself. I don't know what to compare it to, but if you like weird games or new ways of telling stories, check it out!


The music was such a big factor to the creepiness of this great game.


that was pretty gnarly. love to see it

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Glorious! Fascinating! Sickening! Foul!

The labyrinth beckons! It sings in four colors? Or five? Or six? No, I think it was five. But there is a sixth color, so very small, and a fifth color, also so very small, and - well, it's /mostly/ four.

I live in the walls, and yet I have only ten. How can anyone escape with only ten? There are two more, but where do they hide? I burrow. I burrow. I seek. I find. My map screams its own colors, I think, but it is wrong. It cannot be wrong. This place - it is not a place, but let us pretend, for sake of argument, that it is a place - just as your eyes do not see things, but light reflected from things, the false surrounding. Were there to be something that produced fake light, it could make you believe in fake things, just as you see this text, unreal, it is not a place, or a thing. You are a thing, though. Or are you? If you can read this, you are a person, not a thing. Is a person a thing? Is a thing a thing? Is a thing a person? Can we see a person as a thing? What about a thing as a person? What


a relic? Is that a thing? Is that a person? Perhaps it is a person thing.

Your lymph nodes are showing?

There are maggots here and there is much life, just as there is much death. Life and death are sort of different things, you see, but here they're juxtaposed, just as they are in my world. It is nice to be surrounded by life, even if that life feeds on death. It is sad to die, but sad to live too. Then again, we are all free to wander this earth, but we are not free, are we, for there is only one time, hmm? Nevertheless, I feel no sorry, for if I must breed maggots, I am glad someone else too will enjoy that which was once mine, and make use of it, and live a little while. In a place, perhaps.

There is a red shrine that lives in the dark, where the camera rotates to see. You might think there one gray, but there are really two - seven colors? Hmm. Triangles, you see, and guides nonetheless.

A video game is an assemblage of slides - not a person, or a place, or a thing, or a record of real events, but a collection of images and text and music depicted and glued into your brain. My, my, my, am I lost in a maze again? This isn't a maze. It's a collection of screens. You just connected them, didn't you, with a staple, and super glue, and what knows else? These corpses, you looked so carefully after them, defining each pixel, assigning each worm its due its duty. Is that not beautiful? Is that not gorgeous? Were my corpse to be rendered in such a way, I would be eternally grateful. But alas, we continue.

I see it, I see it, ye Secrert Zone. Congartulation to me, but this is no relic, just a corner, a lymph storage emptiness pit of janitorial sadness. The stone face grimaces, and all I can do is stare back at the neon floor. I return to the abandoned tobira and beg the machine for answers, my pitiful form silent and unyielding even in its admission of defeat. For my sake, the machine says nothing crude, unjudging, it dispenses a rendition, a location, a coordinate. I notice it names a color, a color, are there real colors here? Perhaps I shall receive a color, a true number of colors. Six, five, four, three, how many have names? If they have names, they must be real, even if this place is not, hmm? West of the mask, of course, of course, how could I not see this this false rabbit, this fake eared thing? How dare you look at me like that after all the trouble I went to find you. I will not have this. Stop it. Was this always here? I swear these Xs, they were false. Did you trick me? Have I no eyes? Hidden. I see.

The last one, it tells me, hides in the land of the egg. So that is an egg? I knew not. What could have hatched from it. The glass is not broken, and yet the egg is free. How could this happen? Explain in 20 words or less. I find it. I don't find it. How could I find it when I was told? But it is another floor pattern. Of course. How could I be so blind. Blinded by purple. The fifth color? The sixth color? Nevertheless, I have it. You thought you could hide away? Such a pretty, meaningless room. Truly the stupidest, organ man. I do not open myself. You hid from me, and it would have worked, just like that rabbit. I have failed to find you. But it matters not. Because the machine took pity upon me. It screams open, doesn't it?

Why did we make this place? What a waste of all things. To become a silly relic. No one even here to find me. Perhaps you can pick me up? I can still speak, at least. Do they speak to each other, I wonder, in my pocket, behind my back? They knew each other, some, or perhaps we all knew each other, once? You are inactive, machine, but why? Who made you, why do you help me? I have so many questions. I need your help. I'm scared, machne. I can feel it on the other side. I can feel it. Shall I go back?

No. I must proceed.

The world breaks. I cannot escape. I restart. I must try again. I can do it this time.

This cyan place grinds like a wretched stove. It is so pitiful and dead, I think. But it has a certain majesty to it, in that it is a defined location, where objects exist to rot and be reborn. The other places are nothing but receptacles, shapeless and filled, yet here we see a wonderful wondrous empty disgusting place of steel and color and things breaking free. Is it glorious to be flooded? Yes, for it means there was once something to protect. Now it is broken, but still, we will remember it. Yet why the door? What is the door? Am I afraid? No. We will see.

This green realm is a dumping ground, so full of life, and yet, so cluttered and empty. I like it, but then, I do not. Skree skree yourself, good child of the water! I have freed us from the puddle! Just kidding, we're walking back in. Sorry. At least the maggots and flies ate well, in the empty, endless world of life and things. A shame it had nothing fun to watch on TV. Just eyes and eyes and time and things. It did not collect relics. I wonder why? Did it ever see one? They are just here.... Or maybe it was longer, before they rolled free.

I will not speak of the wonderful idea of the sideways realm. Dolor knows what it did. It is too gorgeous for here. I will not stand it. I will not see. I light the candelabra anyway.

It is definitely your fault, lymph node lady. Freedom, if it is real, we shall see. I ignore your annoying books, your foolish studies. Four colors? EVERYONE KNOWS THERE AREN'T FOUR COLORS. HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT? Stop crying, Maggot-head. It takes more than a Secrert to matter to me.

Why did the heart shape stop? It lies, sleeping, and I feel bad for it. Is it dead, or not? Can it die? No wonder Esche lays here, near her old friend's tomb. She will no longer speak with me. Such pretty vines. Are they steel, or silver? Are they alive? Or silly? Nothing is fine, Anguish.

The worm maze. Okay, DE SADE, let us free you from this Bastille. I know how to escape here. You go left. You go left through the wall and enter the circle. It just takes a little while. I'll get there eventually. I remember, you see. Did you change the walls when I left? I don't think you did... but... Yes, I remember this time. I've made it before. You could not trap me, warden. Down, right, up, and to the left, and there we are again. Freedom, I see.

Eleven. Whoever did I forget? Ah, Zwei, my ever faithful piece - You laugh for now, but I think soon, none of us will be.

DirectPlay Will not fail me this time. The gate opens. Let's see it. Let's see. Look not at me, gazing wall. Judge me not, maw in the dark. Empty triangle. Triangle again. The blessed walls of steel. I pass by the vat of empty prepared life, unneeded, unfree. Perhaps it will be destroyed, or it will live on, ahead of me? The machine has nothing to say, this time. I cheated. I broke  free.

Oh dear.

Well, uh, you guys wanna go get some Taco Bell?


this is the best comment ever


I played scared from the beginning to the end.

The atmosphere was very good and I was drawn into the world of the game.

I was very surprised at the last scene! It's a cool piece!

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It totally absorbed me, both the universe and the music

it's funny how it looks like a "simple" game but on the other hand it's deep, it takes you, it's quite fascinating I have to admit!

in addition it's  very dark and very cynical, the kind of universe that I like 

Really nice work even the music I was pleasantly surprised!


This is such a cool little world to wander around in. Really interesting sights and I really liked talking to all the creatures from the relics. Great job! :D



Thank you for the video!

really enjoyed it, but I can't find the room north of the large egg... 

there's a gradient on the ground that leads into the wall, it's in the room north of the egg aka the one with a teleporter, hope that helps!


Wow!  Totally engaging.  For a game with such simple gamepley,  I was really surprised to find myself totally hooked.  I loved the artwork most of all, each room was visually stunning in a different way.  Reading about each relic drew me in to the mystery.  I liked how it opened more questions than answers.


Excellent! This is the type of game I'm always looking for.


Haunting game. I loved the hand crafted felling of the enviroment. Because you can't interact with most things it forces the player to come up with their own meaning to things. The room with the flickering eye monitor was my favourite.


Very well done, I loved the experience from start to finish! Surprise at every turn, somewhat creepy but fascinating universe! Great job!


Wow, it is perfect, I enjoyed every second of it. Thanks June !

It's like food for the imagination, it's inpiring. The ending is suprising too !

I love your games and I look forward for the next one ^^

Thank you for the kind words! <3


Completely loved this, just a really great world to explore. The pacing and the storytelling are both super-on-point, and I love how it's a totally different kind of game from Remnants!


This has been so good, I love the artstyle and the subversion both in terms of genre and the hint system which is basically compulsotry but you are really sure only like the last two hints or something. Music plus graphics/artstyle are great, thanks for this!


Thank you for playing, and for the kind words! <3


That was really good! Really love your pixel art, nothing else out there quite like it. On one hand I kinda miss examining everything like in Remnants but on the other hand it makes me do a lot more interpreting of the environments myself, so it's interesting.


Thank you for playing, and for the feedback! making the environments non-interactible was definitely a tradeoff,  both have their merit. Maybe I should go somewhere in between for my next project... who knows

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Great game, although I was just aimlessly walking around it never felt boring. Plenty of creepy and unsettling environments to explore. Constantly felt on edge while playing, but nothing scary happened. The [deleted] fit really well with the feels of the game too.

Favourite bits were [deleted] and [deleted]!! Also when I just [deleted]. That was cool. 

I didn't actually know what to do after finding all the relics at first because I visited literally every room except the one that told you what to do with the relics. Anyway, great game and great artwork!

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Thank you for playing! Please don't reveal surprises though haha, I want them to remain secrets for most people -w-'


I censored it

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Thank you! <3

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My friend really enjoyed the game while I am not so sure: visuals are cool but  everything else is too abstract to my taste.


This game extremely rules I can't stop thinking about it...

Thank you so much!!


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